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Is Sunday a Secular or Religious 'Day of Rest'?

At the Second European Conference on the Protection of a Work-free Sunday and Decent Work held on the 21st of January 2014 at the European Parliament (Brussels), the European Sunday Alliance (ESA) raised awareness around their Pledge and their core demands by asking current members of the EU Parliament and candidates for the next European elections 2014 to sign the Pledge.

The Pledge for an EU Work-Free Sunday Legislative Measure Remains Unconstitutional

"As a current or future member of the European Parliament I pledge:

"To ensure that all relevant EU legislation both respects and promotes the protection of a common weekly day of rest for all EU citizens, which shall be in principle on a Sunday, in order to protect workers' health and promote a better balance between family and private life and work"[i]


I agree with the former Pope Benedict XVI's call for the family to have a day of rest and an opportunity to strengthen family ties.  Albeit I have my reservations and doubts with it being associated with 'The Lord's Day', and that day officially being Sunday. 

Religious Liberty Faces a Challenge in The Strasbourg Court

The European Court of Human Rights held a public hearing on the 4th September 2012 at 9 a.m on the admissability and merits of the four British Christian cases concerning the freedom to manifest religious belief. After the hearing the court began its deliberations in private. Its ruling will, however, be made at a later stage. We invite our AdventRLP readers to follow the court proccedings.

Diversity Seminar held at Newbold College March 13 2012

It was a topic of special interest to Seventh-day Adventists: the progress of Sunday laws in the European Union(EU). At Newbold's March Diversity Lecture, Dr Brighton Kavaloh, Ministerial Association Secretary for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK, mapped out an intriguing history of these significant laws for a 60-strong audience so enthusiastic that some of them stood or sat on the floor.

Newbold Report read more . . .

The European Sunday Alliance have identified three key areas as reasons to have legislation for a 'Work Free Sunday': 1. health & safety at work  2. time for family and 3. better social cohesion.

The following aricle recognizes all of these points to be of great value to individuals and society at large, however this does not change the fact that to legislate Sunday as an official day of rest would still remain unlawful.  Click the following link to read the full article.

European Sunday Weekly Rest Day Legislation Remains Unlawful

Please let us have your feedback on this article .

The "World Day for the Family" which was established by the United Nations[1] was held on May 15th 2012.  This year, the day was dedicated to what has been noted as two closely related topics: family and work.  Pope Benedict XVI made a plea for the "right to work and rest for families worldwide".

In his address the Pope stated that work should not hinder the family, but rather support and unite it, helping it to be open to life and to enter into a relationship with society and with the Church. I also hope that Sunday, the Lord's Day and weekly celebration of His Resurrection, will be a day of rest and an opportunity to strengthen family ties".


From a religious perspective the Pope's plea raises a number of important questions:

  1. What is the Lord's Day[2]
  2. How do we know which day is the Lord's Day
  3. What is the purpose of the Lord's Day

Your answers and comments on these points are most welcome and there will be a short paper posted soon giving our religious perspective on this call for a worldwide "Day of Rest".

We look forward to hearing from you.

[1] http://social.un.org/index/Family/InternationalObservances/InternationalDayofFamilies.aspx

[2] Revelation 1.10


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