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Seminars and Lectures

kavolah bCivil Liberties & Religious Freedom Advocacy

This presentation prepares potential attendees for Public Affairs and Religious Liberty roles to serve as Advocates/Gate-Keepers in the Local Church, ‘Public Square’ and the Society at large by using the  Watchman/Guardian – Biblical Model Approach.

The Isaachar Mandate

Understand the Temper of the Times & Know What to Do -The aim of this unique public affairs and religious liberty advocacy lecture is to raise awareness of the laws that are coming into being because of changes in ethical, cultural,political and  social attitudes.  But further, I argue that the Judaeo-Christian beliefs rooted in the English common law traditional value system remain authentic.  Indeed social attitudes are changing but the Christian moral principles and standards have not from a Biblical perspective.

The Prophet Daniel

A Godly Role Model Statesman and Head of Civil Service.  This seminar is primarily  tailored for government civil servants,  workers in public, private and voluntary sectors.

Daniel the Prophet:  Statecraft and the Act of Civil Disobedience.

Daniel the Prophet Defies King’s Pontiff Legislation.  

This presentation advocates that when the claims of human legislation is in conflict with the claims  of God, the latter takes precedence over and above human law, whether initiated by the state, a church organization or both.

Paul the Apostle and the Civil Law Defense Appeal

This seminar reinforces the importance of following legal procedure.  Paul’s use of civil law teaches us that when the laws governing the state are just, they could be appealed to for the protection of the physical well-being of law-abiding citizens.

God and Caesar

Discusses religio-political and legal challenges in the United Kingdom and European Union.  Come and discover what these are and how they may possibly affect you.

Seventh-day Adventist Legal Cases Revisited

This presentation focuses on Sabbath (Saturday) observance which starts at sunset Friday.  This addresses the issues and provides guidelines to follow when employment obligations conflict with an employee’s religious convictions. (Article 9 and 14 of the European Human Rights Convention).

Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion

Legal analysis of Article 9 of the UK Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights.  The presentation argues there are anomalies in the jurisprudence, interpretation and application of these legal instruments.

Obscene Publications Act, 1959

This presentation argues that this piece of legislation is now a  blunt instrument, not fit for purpose.  An intriguing contextual legal analysis highlights its implications and the need to tighten the law for the protection of morals in England and Wales.  Notwithstanding the importance to strengthen the legislation, much more needs to be done to educate the public in basic Biblical moral principles if together will stem the flow of pornographic literature and images so rampant in our modern day society.

The European Court of Human Rights

This Anomalies of its Jurisprudence in Article 10(2) for the Protection of Morals Among the Member States.

The Lisbon Treaty

This seminar will provide the legal history of this primary legislation in the European Union.  A comparative analysis with the Treaty of Rome (1957) will also enable you to gain an insight into its origins and purpose for modern day Europe.

Church and State Issues: The Lateran Treaty (Article 24)

This presentation focuses on the international legal status of the Holy See and the implications as a church of its bid to seek in 1993 full membership in the United Nations.

Introduction to International Law and the European Union Law

The purpose of this lecture is to enable you to acquire a basic understanding of human legal systems in a changing world and the sphere in which States and similarly International Organizations seek to operate and apply the law.

The Doctrine of the Margin of Appreciation and its implications in European Human Rights Jurisprudence

The presentation will seek to highlight the discrepancies of discretionary powers given to member states by the European Court of Human Rights.  The argument being that not all Human Rights related issues are best left to States for decision making.

The Theories and Practice of International Relations

This lecture is designed to provide you the knowledge of how Nation States are capable of interaction on an International plane. But do they?


Home Education Bill 2017-19 - Committee releases amendment

Home Education Bill 2017-19 - Committee releases amendment

Home Education (Duty of Local Authorities) Bill (HL Bill 98)   Duty of local authorities to assess children receiving home education as amended in Committee Stage is worth noting. For full details...

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Government appoints campaigner Sara Khan to lead anti-extremism drive

Government appoints campaigner Sara Khan to lead anti-extremism drive

A prominent campaigner has been appointed by the Government to lead a fresh drive to root out and tackle extremism in the UK. Sara Khan will head up the newly-created...

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