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Dr. Brighton G. Kavaloh
BTh, MTh, MA, Dip(Legal Studies), LLM, PhD.

Founder and Speaker
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Dr Kavaloh is a Theology  Graduate of  Solusi University, Zimbabwe and later attained a Master of Theology (MTh) and PhD degrees in Ecclesiastical History both from the University of Edinburgh.

For two years he then studied and completed an MA Degree in International Studies & Diplomacy at the Centre for International Studies & Diplomacy – (CISD-SOAS) – University of London; and subsequently a way  opened for him to pursue a course in International Legal Studies at Duncan House – the Law School of the University of East London and was  successfully awarded a Master of Laws (LLM) Degree with Distinction.  A year later, he completed an Extra Mural Diploma in Legal Studies focusing on Human Rights and European Union Law and graduated also with Distinction from Birkbeck – University of London.

Brighton Kavaloh has served in both the Pastoral Ministry and the Administration of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Organization for 35 years.  Initially in Malawi for three years and thereafter in the United Kingdom.

He also has worked as Ministerial Association Secretary for the South England Conference and the British Union Conference of the Denomination.  His Religious Liberty and Advocacy interests dates back to his Post-Graduate Studies in Church, State and Society Lectures and Seminars at the University of Edinburgh and subsequent legal studies at the East London University Law School and also at Birkbeck – University of London.

Pastor Kavaloh is available for preaching appointments or speaking engagements.  He welcomes the opportunity to conduct a one day or weekend seminars and lectures devoted to religious liberty and legislative issues so prevalent in modern times.

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To serves and to proclaim the Eternal Gospel of Jesus within the framework of the Three Angels Message as proclaimed in Revelation 14:6-12 in the context of the Watchman Biblical approach (Isaiah 21:1-12)

Secondly, to provide critical Religio-Legal analysis on current events and legislature that impact religious freedom for all people in the United Kingdom and Europe.


In your local setting or one of our seminars

Training sessions pertaining to Church, State and Society issues from an Adventreligio-Legal perspective.  We advocate the Biblical view of Creation, Life, Marriage, the Seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday) and other Religious Liberty related issues.


For members

Assistance to members facing Seventh-day Sabbath observance and workplace scheduling problems and discrimination or restriction to manifest their religious beliefs.


See events page for details

With the aim to influence or change Legislation, Regulation, Policy or Procedures to do with work life balance in public or private sectors.


Ideal for Churches or Groups

We offer adult and youth oriented summer training courses in Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Advocacy.


Public Awareness

Monitoring and raising awareness of the social, cultural, legal, political and religious developments and their ramifications in a changing world, with particular reference to Europe and the UK.


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Have you or anyone you know encountered any concerns or experiences that felt legislation forced you or them to act contrary to adhered Christian Biblical Beliefs, for example Seventh-day Sabbath observance and workplace scheduling or other legal related issues? Then share them with us so that we may seek to assist where we can.

All information given will be kept confidential.


Home Education Bill 2017-19 - Committee releases amendment

Home Education Bill 2017-19 - Committee releases amendment

Home Education (Duty of Local Authorities) Bill (HL Bill 98)   Duty of local authorities to assess children receiving home education as amended in Committee Stage is worth noting. For full details...

02.05.18 Comments (0)
Government appoints campaigner Sara Khan to lead anti-extremism drive

Government appoints campaigner Sara Khan to lead anti-extremism drive

A prominent campaigner has been appointed by the Government to lead a fresh drive to root out and tackle extremism in the UK. Sara Khan will head up the newly-created...

25.01.18 Comments (0)

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Brighton G. Kavaloh

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